Time For Debate Is Over: Canada Is Guilty Of Genocide

In Episode 31, I keep the focus on the national crisis of genocide against Indigenous women and girls. To my mind, it is important to make this THE election issue amongst all political parties. Indigenous women and girls continue to be abused, trafficked, disappeared and murdered and Canada must act to end the violence.

Here is the link to the Final Report of the National Inquiry:

Here is the link to the article I referenced that was published in NOW Magazine upon which this podcast as based:

Here are the 4 Youtube videos I mentioned in the podcast that provide overviews of the Report:

3 Things You MUST Know About MMIWG Report

Genocide in Canada

Calls for Justice to End Canadian Genocide

Canada is an Outlaw: Sex Discrimination Continues in the Indian Act

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Here is a link to the book written by Karen Stote entitled: An Act of Genocide: Colonialism and the Sterilization of Aboriginal Women that is relevant to this discussion and is also the second book I am reviewing in my new YouTube series: Reconciliation Book Club:

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