Welcome to the Warrior Life Podcast, where award-winning podcast host, Pam Palmater – a lawyer, author, and Indigenous rights activist – takes you on a riveting journey into the heart of Indigenous resistance, resurgence, and revitalization. In this one-of-a-kind interview-style podcast, Pam shares the untold stories of Indigenous warriors, leaders, activists, land defenders, and water protectors on the front lines, defending Indigenous lands, peoples, and cultures.

Pam walking in the Idle No More protest in Toronto.

Join Pam as she delves deep into the lives and struggles of these remarkable individuals, uncovering their lived experiences, hopes and dreams, and their urgent calls for action. From grassroots organizers, academics, and authors, to artists, musicians, and actors; each episode of the Warrior Life Podcast offers a powerful platform for Indigenous voices to be heard and honoured.

Get ready to be educated, inspired, and empowered to join the call for action, as you listen to the voices of those who refuse to be silenced in the face of ongoing colonization. Tune in to the Warrior Life Podcast and become a part of the movement for Indigenous rights and social justice and help transform the world!

Pam smiling, wearing her Warrior Life T-shirt.

About Pam

Pam Palmater, is an award-winning lawyer, professor, and author who has been engaged in Indigenous education and advocacy for over 30 years. She is a regular media commentator and public speaker on Indigenous rights. Pam is a citizen of the Mi’kmaw Nation and member of Ugpi’ganjig (Eel River Bar First Nation).