Skyler Williams on 1492 Court Decision & OPP Violence

In Episode 74, Haudenosaunee Land Defender, Skyler Williams from Six Nations, gives us an update on what’s happening at 1492 Land Back Lane – including the recent court decision and OPP violence.

Six Nations members have been peacefully occupying lands at Mackenzie Meadows – lands which rightfully belong to Six Nations as part of the Haldimand Tract deed.

PLEASE BE ADVISED that this podcast represents fair political comment on the issues related to 1492 Land Back Lane and does NOT constitute legal advice by the podcast host or the legal positions of the podcast guest.

Here is their Facebook page which provides regular updates on what is happening:

Here is the link to their Go Fund Me page to help support with donations for legal costs:

Here is the email where donations can be sent for food and other survival supplies for those at the camp:

Here is the YouTube video of this podcast in case you prefer video-version:

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Please note: Nothing in this podcast advocates for violence on Indigenous territories.

Please also note: The information contained in this podcast should not be misconstrued as legal, financial or medical advice, nor should it be relied on as such. This podcast represents fair political comment.

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(Image of Skyler Williams used with permission of Skyler Williams)