John Kane on Genocide in Canada

In Episode 34, I have the permission to share with you my interview on Let’s Talk Native with John Kane show from New York. He and I and Shawnee Rice talked about genocide in Canada and murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls.

This interview was just an excerpt from his much longer show. Here is the link to his whole show on August 1, 2019:

You can also listen to and watch this podcast on his Youtube channel here:

For those of you who haven’t read it yet, here is link to National Inquiry’s final report on murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls special report on genocide:

Here is a link to my book: Indigenous Nationhood: Empowering Grassroots Citizens, which is a collection of shorter blogs which cover some of the issues raised in this podcast:

Here is a link to a new textbook on “radical politics” where I have a chapter on Indigenous resistance politics:

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Photo Credit: This photo is with permission of John Kane from his Facebook page about his show Let’s Talk Native with John Kane.