Indigenous Identity Fraud

Episode 116 of Warrior Life Podcast is a special panel conversation with Indigenous experts Dr. Winona Wheeler (Fisher River Cree Nation), Dr. Kim TallBear (Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate) and Dr. Veldon Coburn (Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation) on the issue of Indigenous identity fraud.

It is important to note that this discussion around Indigenous identity fraud does not refer to Indigenous peoples who were disconnected from their families, communities and Nations from residential schools, 60’s scoop forced adoptions, foster care crisis, sex and race discrimination in the Indian Act’s registration provisions, incarceration or any of the other colonial tools of forced assimilation and genocide.

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Please note: Nothing in this podcast/video advocates for violence on Indigenous territories.

Please also note: The information contained in this podcast/video should not be misconstrued as legal, financial or medical advice, nor should it be relied on as such. This podcast/video represents fair political comment.

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