Christi Belcourt on Tyendinaga Mohawk Solidarity Actions

In Episode 48, we get to hear from warrior woman Christi Belcourt who has been on the ground in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory supporting those engaged in Wet’suwet’en solidarity actions, as an observer, friend and support.

Christi is well-known across Turtle Island as an incredible Metis artist, community based artist, environmentalist and advocate for the lands, waters and Indigenous peoples. She shares with us what was happening on the ground at Tyendinaga before and during the arrests.

For those keeping up with the chronology of events, we recorded this podcast on Tuesday, Feb.25, 2020.

Christi’s website can be found here:

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Gitdimt’en Yintah Access website:

Unist’ot’en Camp supporter toolkit for those who want to offer support, including the official link for donations:

Support for Tyendinaga Mohawks:

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Photo credit: Christi Belcourt (from her website)