Cheryl Maloney on Mi’kmaw Right to Govern Fishery

In Episode 69, we talked to Cheryl Maloney, a Mi’kmaw mother, leader, educator and warrior from Sipekne’katik – formerly known as Indian Brook First Nation.

She joined us to share what is happening on the ground in Mi’kma’ki where non-native commercial fisherman are engaged in racist acts of violence, threats, property damage and attempts to stop Mi’kmaw peoples from fishing.

Here is the YouTube video of this podcast in case you prefer video:

Here is a link to Sipekne’katik website so you can find out more about this Mi’kmaw community:

This is the link to the Sipekne’katik Governance Initiative 2020 video referenced by Cheryl:

The link to the Declaration of the State of Emergency called by the Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Chiefs:

Link to sign petition to support Mi’kmaw:

Mi’kmaw link to resources for allies and supporters:

Here is a link to my recent YouTube video giving a brief overview of the situation:

Please note: Nothing in this podcast advocates for violence on Indigenous territories.

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(Picture of Cheryl Maloney used with her permission)