Indigenous Tourism from Unpacked by AFAR

Indigenous Tourism from Unpacked by AFAR

Today on the Warrior Life Podcast, I’m sharing a very special episode from the acclaimed podcast Unpacked by AFAR. Whether you want to figure out where to travel next or need advice on an ethical dilemma, host and travel journalist Aislyn Greene helps you navigate the travel world with insights from other seasoned travelers and industry professionals.

In this specific episode, Aislyn explores Native tourism, including how travel can benefit Native communities and addressing some of the most common questions that come up from non-Native travelers who want to visit, but are a little unsure about how to go about it.

Not to mention you’ll hear from community leaders from around the U.S. like Monique Fragua, the chief operating officer of Albuquerque’s Indian Pueblo Center, and Sherry Rupert, the CEO for the American Indian, Alaskan Native Tourism Association.

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