Gabe Galanda on the Devastating Impacts of Tribal Disenrollment

In Episode 27, we get to hear from Gabe Galanda, who is an Indigenous human rights lawyer and member of the Round Valley Indian Tribes of California. He talks about the devastating impacts of tribal disenrollment on individuals removed from their tribes based on arbitrary criteria like blood quantum.

Here is the link to his profile on his law firm’s website Galanda Broadman, where you can access some of the court cases he has worked on and many of his publications on the same topic.

He also mentioned a book written by Dr. David Wilkins and Shelly Wilkins specifically on tribal disenrollment, entitled “Dismembered”:

I also addressed some of the issues we discussed in this podcast in my two books:
Beyond Blood: Rethinking Indigenous Identity

Indigenous Nationhood: Empowering Grassroots Citizens

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