Gaagwis on Protecting Haida Gwaii

In Episode 61, we talk to President of the Haida Nation Gaagwis (Jason Alsop)about the important safety measures the Haida Nation is taking to protect their citizens and neighbors from the covid-19 pandemic. He shares with us his path to leadership and why governing our territories according to our laws is so important – especially when it comes to the health, safety and well-being of Haida peoples.

Here is the link to the Haida notice about their pandemic measures, including the closure of Haida Gwaii to visitors:×17-web-version.pdf

Here is the link to their Youtube video explaining why they must temporarily close Haida Gwaii during the pandemic:

Here is the link to Gaandlee Guu Jaalang – Daughters of the River – Facebook page with updates about the matriarchs protecting Haida Gwaii during the pandemic:

Please note: Nothing in this podcast advocates for violence on Indigenous territories.

Note: The information contained in this podcast is not legal, financial or medical advice, nor should it be relied on as such.

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(photo used with permission by Gaagwis)