Defund the Police

In Episode 58, I talk about the recent protests in Canada and the United States against police racism and violence towards Black and Indigenous peoples, set in motion by the video showing the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police officers. This episode is a synthesis of my recent publications on police racism, brutality, sexualized violence and killings of Black and Indigenous peoples and the calls to defund the police.

Link to Robyn Maynard’s book: Policing Black Lives

Link to Desmond Cole’s book: The Skin We’re In

Link to my new book: Warrior Life: Indigenous Resistance and Resurgence (use code warrior10 for 10% discount)

Some of my recent publications:

Yes Canada has a racism crisis and its killing Black and Indigenous peoples

Inquiry Needed into Police Violence against Indigenous peoples

Canada should declassify, deconstruct and defund the RCMP

Brenda Lucki must go

Please note: Nothing in this podcast advocates for violence on Indigenous territories.

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