Decolonizing our Diets: 30 Days No Added Sugar

In Episode 20, I talk about warrior living from a health perspective and the importance of decolonizing our diets. This is Part 1 of a series I plan to do on eliminating unhealthy goods from our diets and focusing on healthy foods – like some of our traditional foods. I talk about the health risks of added sugar in our diets and my journey on the 30 Day No Added Sugar Challenge.

Note: The information contained in this podcast is not medical advice, nor should it be relied on as such. Anyone concerned about their health or the diet that is best for them should consult with their doctor first.

Here are some the books that I have read about Indigenous cooking based on traditional or country food, that I really like:

Modern Native Feasts

The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen

Cooking with the Wolfman

Here are some books about the link between health and nutrition that I found very informative with lots of research:

How Not To Die:

Eat Well, Age Better:

The China Study Solution

The Complete Guide to Fasting

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UPDATE: I have now surpassed 60 days of no added sugar!! I am so pumped that I made it this far!! To be honest, I survived by knowing I could have my spinach drink every morning and instant hot soups for lunch that contained tons of veggies.

I followed my older sister’s footsteps and bought a Vitamix. She has used it for years, but I couldn’t get over the price – it was so expensive. But I decided to invest in my nutrition and I am so glad I did!!

With or without an expensive blender, the addition of more veggies in my diet made me feel so much healthier and gave me lots more energy.