Cindy Blackstock on Bill C-92 Indigenous Child Welfare

Episode 44 is part 2 of our extended interview with Dr. Cindy Blackstock jto talk about the new legislation: C-92 Indigenous child and family legislation intended to address what Canada called a “humanitarian crisis” of First Nations children in foster care.

Last week, in Episode 43, she talked to us about the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT) order directing Canada to compensate First Nations children in foster care for racial discrimination by the government. The government is now trying to quash that order.

Cindy gives us a detailed update on C-92 and all the questions and concerns about the legislation and offers some strategic advice for First Nations on what to do next.

You can check out her website at the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society for more information and FREE ways that you can help!

Make sure you check out her previous interviews on First Nations kids in care as well!

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Photo credit: This photo was provided by Cindy Blackstock.