Cindy Blackstock on AFN-Canada Settlement

Dr. Cindy Blackstock is from Gitxsan First Nation in BC and heads the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society. She is also a professor at McGill University in the School of Social Work.

Cindy and her team won the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal case against Canada for racial discrimination against First Nations children in foster care and their families. Despite numerous non-compliance orders and the Federal Court of Canada upholding the decision, Canada has refused to pay the compensation.

Since then, Canada and the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) negotiated a settlement agreement for a class action against Canada of the same subject matter. However, there are serious concerns about this agreement and whether it will impact the compensation already owed to these children from the CHRT.

Cindy joined me on YouTube LIVE to give us an update on where things stand, and help answer the questions and concerns raised by First Nations people on social media.

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The First Nations Child & Family Caring Society (FNCFCS) website has many resources to help you understand the litigation better. The following link contains the legal submissions made by AFN, Canada and FNCFCS:

There is also information about what you can do to help:

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