Aclass: Indigenous Voices by Acast

Today’s podcast is actually a very special event that was hosted by ACAST – an amazing independent podcast company that supports diverse podcasters.

On Nov.3, 2021, I had the amazing honour to guest curate and host Aclass: Indigenous Voices – a panel discussion with some of my favorite Indigenous podcasters from Canada and the US!

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Here is official description of the event:

Guest-curated by Pamela Palmater (Mi’kmaq lawyer, professor, author, and activist), Aclass: Indigenous Voices will inspire, celebrate, and amplify Indigenous voices. we explore how to ensure Indigenous creators are hired, that their stories are told, and that their community finds a foothold within the podcast industry.

SESSION 1: SEEN AND HEARD: Indigenous storytelling through podcasting, from beginner to expert

Get Indigenous podcasters’ perspectives on creating and developing audio-first stories, and the challenges and successes they’ve encountered along the way. Hear from panelists Ryan McMahon, Falen Johnson, and Natalie Welch as they walk us through their creative journeys and discuss the state of Indigenous podcasting right now — along with where it’s headed in the future.

Curator: Pam Palmater | Professor and Chair at Ryerson University, and host of the Warrior Life Podcast and Warrior Kids Podcast.

Ryan McMahon, Host of Thunder Bay
Falen Johnson, Host of The Secret Life of Canada
Natalie Welch, Host of The Creative Native Podcast

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Please note: Nothing in this podcast advocates for violence on Indigenous territories.

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